Procurement Reform: maximising opportunities for suppliers

Public procurement is worth at least £300bn in the UK each year – making this a huge opportunity for all types of suppliers to engage with.

In October 2024, the most far-reaching set of reforms to public procurement in a generation will become reality. The new Procurement Act is focused on making it easier for businesses to enter public sector supply‑chains, benefitting small and medium enterprises (SMEs), voluntary, community, and social enterprises (VCSEs), as well as any businesses looking to supply to the public sector.

The Act is an opportunity to make it easier to do business with the public sector – but suppliers need to understand how the rules are changing and what this means for how buyers will think and act. With less than a year to implementation, now is the time for suppliers to engage, learn and prepare for the changes presented by the new landscape.

These events, supported by the Cabinet Office and other high profile buying organisations, are a valuable way to gain insight from the experts and to get ahead of the competition.

Participants Include

Why Attend

Whilst some organisations have been quick to adapt to the fast-approaching changes, others have been slow to respond and run the risk of being last on the supplier list if they don’t meet the increased expectations of these reforms. Procurement Reform Suppliers Conference is your opportunity to accelerate ahead of your competitors by getting to grips early with the proposed changes and factoring these into your future growth plans. Understanding what’s happening – and what it will mean for your current and prospective customers – is crucial. 

Don’t be left behind – if you’re not across these critical changes, your competitors will be.

Topics include:

  • What is Procurement Reform and what does it mean for your business 
  • How Procurement Reform will change buyer behaviour 
  • How will the Procurement Act change buyer/supplier dynamics 
  • Insights into new rules for frameworks and DPS
  • Market opportunities in the new landscape 
  • How Social Value and Sustainability can drive business growth 
  • What you need to do now to prepare for the Procurement Act  

Venue and times

Both events will open at 9am and close at 3pm

The event is designed for private sector only. For public sector events please visit the Events link on the top of the page.


22nd of November, Holiday Inn City Centre


23rd of November, Holiday Inn Kensington High Street