About our Programme

Are you ready for the biggest shake up to public procurement in a generation?

The UK is embarking on an ambitious transformation of the principles, procedures and processes that underpin more than £300 billion a year of public spending – and which are core to the delivery of the government’s social, sustainability and transparency agenda. 

Anyone who buys for or supplies to the public sector will experience change as the Procurement Reform Bill transitions into reality. We’re with you on the journey, with an extensive programme of content, events, training and support to help you mitigate the risks and maximise the opportunities that this presents.

BiP’s Programme is aligned to the shaping and implementation of the Reforms, with a focus on informing all stakeholders about the forthcoming changes and enabling effective preparation and delivery within the new environment.

Supported by key players across the procurement landscape – and backed with the expertise of the PASS consultancy team – we’re here to help you make this transformation a success.